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Selection Criteria

Premium Brands Accepted - Jeans Addiction
Premium Brands

We carry only high end brand names

Fits Accepted - Jeans Addiction
Style Types

Acceptance depends on current stock and demand

Different Sizes - Jeans Addiction
Accepted Sizes

Women's 23 - +24
Men's 28 - 46

Excellent Condition Jeans - Jeans Addiction
Excellent Condition

Free of pet hair, stains, and damage

Denim Distributor - Jeans Addiction Calgary


The owner (that’s me!) goes through the items individually and determines which are items we are able to buy for stock.


This one person only processing allows us to remain consistent and secure as we don’t have too many hands in the process.

The items in the store need to be items you would also want to buy, not just sell, so the quality and condition are key to me as well as the brand value and fit of the items. I curate a store based on individual tastes but never compromise on condition and value and fit:) If items aren’t selected it’s never personal, I understand the hard work and money that went into purchasing things that may have cost a lot and I know my brands exceptionally well, even small niche ones many haven’t heard of, but at the end of the day the selection will be based on the salability of an item. Meaning I have to draw on my years of experience of fitting and selling to stock my store with items that I know are sellable and that I have confidence will find a buyer. They also need to fit into our pricing system. We use a standard 3 tier amount and don’t have a broad range of pricing. It keeps it simple for us and also less confusing and a better deal for you for the brands we sell. It also allows for us to have consistent high end retail brands you can trust we will have and not a mix with fast fashion items.

I do up a price note of the items I am able to buy and write the sell price we sell at and then show you the upfront amount we pay before the items hit the floor. Our range is 30-35% of our sell price for clothing and 35-40% for Lululemon. We pay before we know if we can sell, but it allows us to take more items at once and guarantee you sell a bigger range of your items with much more ease. No checking in to see what has sold, donations of items you wanted back, or putting your items on sale leaving your with barely a payout. We also pay much higher than any of the pay up front stores and are consistent in our pricing and payments.

The small trade off is your drop-off will take 7-14 days to process on average, depending on intake levels. Once your get your offer you can decide to accept and your will get e-transferred saving you a trip back to the store. You can choose to pickup a cheque or cash though as well. You can also decline with no hard feelings! We ask that you come and retrieve all items wanted back within 5 days from your buy offer note, so we can make room for other people’s drop offs. Items not claimed will be sent to weekly donation. We also can donate anything you’d like if you specify that’s your choice!

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