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Frequently Asked Questions

When am I able to drop off items to sell?

Put them in a container so the items aren’t loose and drop them off at the front desk with our staff.

During regular business hours:

Monday, we're closed for processing
Tuesday to Thursday, 11-4
Friday and Saturday, 11-6
Sunday 12-5

What sizes do you carry?
Lululemon has traditionally sold size 2-12, which we carry. Just recently they release size 0 and also sizes 14-20 in certain special release items of their choosing. Where available for us to buy, we will always carry all the sizes Lulu has to offer

What do you pay for items?
Lululemon is paid out at a standard of 35% of our sell price in cash upfront for tier 1 and 2 items and 40% for tier 3. Tier 3 items are items that are the quickest to sell based on style, color, and how new the release is and how popular the item.

Do you take other sportswear items than Lulu?
We take few brands other than Lululemon. Stella McCartney Adidas, Alo, Lorna Jane, Soul Cycle and some specific specialty items from other high end brands may make the cut. Niche brands, harder to get and higher retail than Lulu will be considered

What's the exchange policy?
We know that you can sometimes have a change of heart so we offer a week window to exchange items only. Tags on, in the same condition they left, clean and receipt is required :)

Do I need an appointment?

None needed:) Come in during open hours and we will help you out!

What are your hours?
Tuesday - Thursday 11-4, Friday and Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-4, Monday Closed.

Do you have plus sizes?

Yes for sure. We have up to plus size 24 and are focused on continued expansion of the plus sizes as well

Is there a limit to how much we can bring in at a time?
Nope. Unless you are coming with a u-haul truck…then maybe we should chat first !;)

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