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Premium Jeans-Jeans Addiction

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I able to drop off items to sell?

Put them in a container so the items aren’t loose and drop them off at the front desk with our staff.

During regular business hours:

Monday, we're closed for processing
Tuesday to Thursday, 11-5
Friday and Saturday, 11-6
Sunday 12-5

Do I need an appointment?

None needed! Come in during open hours and we will help you out!

What are your hours?
Tuesday - Thursday 11-4, Friday and Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-5, Monday Closed.

Do you have men’s jeans?

Yes we do! Sizes 26 to 44. Long and short inseams and all cuts  from skinny to boot for all tastes.

Do you have plus sizes?

Yes for sure. We have up to plus size 24 and are focused on continued expansion of the plus sizes as well

Do you carry long lengths?

Absolutely. We have lots of long legged ladies who are thrilled that we have a mixed style selection for them of inseams 34-38!

What do you pay for items?
Our pay level upfront goes in tiers and will be clear on your buy offer note. 30, 35 and 40% are the pay levels on the amount we price the item at, and is paid out BEFORE the items sell for us.
Is there a limit to how much we can bring in at a time? Nope. Unless you are coming with a u-haul truck…then maybe we should chat first !;)


Do you take other items than jeans and Lulu?
We don’t have a ton of space for extras but we do buy and sell other articles of clothing. We always welcome boutique brands in sellable styles. When in doubt, put it in because you will get it back, but general rule of thumb is Aritzia brands, Anthropologie brands, Nordstrom and Saks etc. Niche, high end boutique brands too:)

We do not take footwear, purses, or formal wear.


What’s the exchange policy?
We know that you can sometimes have a change of heart so we offer a week window to exchange items only. Tags on, in the same condition they left, clean and receipt is required :)

What brands of jeans are not taken in as a general rule?

Fast fashion brands and store brands. Examples would be Garage, American Eagle, Hollister, Suzy Shier, Gap, Forever 21, etc. Brands that sell new for a price that doesn't align with the standard prices we sell for in the store, aren't able to be accepted. This keeps our standard, three price only system, an amazing deal for you based on the brands we stick to!

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