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About - Jeans Addiction
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About Jeans Addiction

Jeans Addiction started in a home basement, by appointment and open house only.

I am Brandy Budd and the owner of the store. My desire to make extra money for my family, and my love of denim, came together and grew quickly year by year. Anyone can sell jeans but what I wanted was to change the experience and the fulfillment for the buyer. I wanted it to be easy, I wanted it to be loads of fun, I wanted people to get a good deal and I wanted even the most discerning denim snob to leave impressed by the selection ;)! We don't just sell denim, we fit people in denim. I often Instinctually know my client's size, length, measurements and how denim will fit each individual's needs and body type. People have expressed to me how impressed they are with my knowledge and talent, and I have been humbled and excited to keep up with my clientele. Jeans Addiction has became more than I dreamed and I naturally had to open a store to accommodate the client base.

Today, Jeans Addiction is over 2,000 square feet, and always over 3,000 pairs of designer brand denim in all sizes, cuts, styles, and trends. The best part is not just what we have, but also that I have caring, attentive and knowledgeable staff that have been trained to do what I do and carry on the trade. You get the talent, experience and fun from the staff when you come and see us! We want you to feel comfortable and at home, because my store is an extension of that warmth. We want you to feel taken care of. We want you to find a pair you are in love with and we will help you get there. We pull pairs for you based on our knowledge and your ideal look. We also provide style knowledge for looks you may want to explore :) If you just want to browse we are good with that too! We are here for your needs and welcome everyone.

My knowledge of peoples body measurements, without them even having to tell me, is instinctual and God given! I never could have guessed that my super power in life would be "jean whisperer" but nonetheless I'm thankful for the crazy title people have given me through the years :). I have built extensive knowledge of denim, and people's measurements along with it, over the course of 10 years and am now transferring that to my family of staff. In order to take care of everyone who walks through our doors, I continue to train and make extensive customer service our claim to fame.

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