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Denim Store In Calgary

Premium Denim Store

Jeans Addiction is a previously owned, and new, specialty high-end denim store in Calgary Alberta. We're passionate about denim, and curate selections based on brand, quality, fit, and condition.

We're discerning in our tastes so we can offer the best denim the world has to offer.

The Selection Process

Jeans - Appraisal - Denim Consignment Calgary - Jeans Addiction

Step 1:

Drop Off
Your Stuff

Contact you with what you want at Jeans Addiction

Step 2:

We'll Contact You With What We'll Buy

Pay - Jeans Addiction

Step 3:

You Get 30-40% of our Retail Value Up-Front

Donate - Jeans Addiction

Step 4:

Pick-Up or Donate Excluded Items

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